chrisrawrz asked:
Hello Unu! How are you? I think your most recent drawing is really good! As a matter of fact I love it. I feel like all your other drawings have an anime like influence and I personally don't like that. Sorry. I just think you should do more original looking drawings like your most recent one. What I think about sometimes as I draw or start a new drawing is you'll do a ton of mediocre/bad drawings till finally one comes out looking great or perfect. By drawings I mean personal finished work.

aha thanks i guess??? 

back from campingggg

ok so for some reason I didn’t mention on here that I was going up to washington which was basically the summary of my last two weeks aka why I wasn’t on but aside from that
I’m going camping again from today until the Friday so I probably won’t be on at all just so u guys kno
tldr I’m camping 4 a week
so see u guys l8r or st


Pink Moon by Cathy McMurray

Mount Rainier National Park, Kevin Russ


Float your boat, Josep Moncada


views from my neighborhood


Men’s Room by Scott Listfield

"Sunny, hot, rich, and beautiful," is how makeup artist Pat McGrath described the typical Sicilian look. That all translated to luminous skin, golden lids, and flushed cheeks.